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first and foremost

Welcome to our blog!  Well like all things this is new for us so be patient while we get the hang of this. Anyway this blog is dedicated to what is happening in our kitchen at voice restaurant in houston, tx.  We are a contemporary american restaurant serving food using classic and new techniques, our food is really about two things; great product, sourced from either the most local artisnal contributors or the best quality we can find from around the world all in season and also impeccable technique.  Along with a la carte service we also offer five, seven and a kitchen table degustation.  This is where we really get down with the food.  All our degustations are created in the moment.  Nothing is ever written out ahead of time, we cook and create in the moment bringing together a more personal touch to each diners journey through our little world.  We also believe cooking like this energizes and focuses all in the kitchen and really perpetuates a sort of synergy between farm, product, cook, chef and diner.  Our chef is Michael Kramer, his ability to bring all these things together in balance for our diners gastronomic experience is what makes the experience successful not only for diner but as a cook, knowing that we served the best food we can to someone who wants to give us audience is all we are after, one diner at a time.

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